What I’m doing now

This is my now page. Read to see how I live through the day.

First off, I am learning to breathe and say no to things that shouldn’t take my attention. I forwarded my calls and turned off notifications on my phone, and I feel more in control of my life.

Secondly, Derek Sivers inspired my Now Page. Check out what he’s up to and create your own Now page.

Things I want you to know:

I live in Lagos, Nigeria. 

How my morning routine looks like:

At 5:40 am, I go for a 15 – 22 minute run around the estate, and when I’m back, I do a 9-minute post-run workout. When I don’t run, I do a 20-minute yoga and meditation.

What I do during the day:

I’m providing support for the Nigerian developers’ team and developing content and marketing strategy at Deimos. I’m doing a lot of research and reading. During lunchtime, I listen to a bit of John Wall and Christopher Pen’s Marketing Over Coffee.

In the evening:

I write and go for a walk if my body feels like it, listening to Michael Stelzner talk in his Social Media Examiner, or Dov Baron’s Leadership and Loyalty.

Books I’m reading:

I have on my reading list for the next three months:

  1. Becoming by Michelle Obama
  2. The Moment of Lift by Melinda gates
  3. The Hard Thing About Hard Things by Ben Horowitz

Right now, I’m currently reading Seth Godin’s ‘All Marketers Tell Stories‘.

News Sources I Follow: 

Paulo Andre – The Weekly Hagakure and Evolutionary Manager

Seth Godin – Because of the way he sees and thinks, and the way he tells his stories.

Girlboss – Because of the variety of inspiring topics they cover.

Nate Eliason and Derek Sivers – There’s a lot to learn from their brain.

Letters from Moe – Because of how consistent she is in delivering her weekly tips on personal development.

I also love reading suggestions from Medium.

My Podcast Subscriptions:

  1. Marketing Over Coffee 
  2. Naval
  3. Seth Godin – The Art of Noticing, and then Creating
  4. Akimbo: A Podcast from Seth Godin
  5. Leadership and Loyalty

Page updated on 15th May 2020, from Lagos, Nigeria.